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  • Who you are 

  • Who is your target audience

  • What you are  selling

  • Where you are selling it

  • How you make money

  • Your style and your personality

  • All of these elements and many, many more shape your brand.

Crazy Sams Custom Hot Dogs

Serving Cleveland Carnivores since 1987

"The best thing on a bun is Sams"


  • Name

  • Color Palette

  • Custom Fonts

  • Logo 

  • Tag Line

  • #hashtag

  • Domain Name

You can't promote a product until it has a BRAND.


First, you need to make sure you have a name that STICKS that no one else has. 

Your name describes you, is memorable and is not used by anyone who can be construed as someone other than you or competes with your target audience.

So if you have put together your branding ideas and come up with your brand name suzysingssillysongs  you are ready to begin but... Here is the deal. You are going to need multiple accounts that all have the exact same name.

Exact same name.

Exact same name.

Do a google search for your dream name: suzysingssillysongs

Does the name show up anywhere else?

Then on Google, search:

Is the domain name available? if yes....

Then search: #suzysingssillysongs

Anything out that there that is not you? if no....

Do another search: @suzysingssillysongs

If it is available then you know you can build your brand on the name you have chosen. 


Set up your accounts in this order:

Purchase your domain name at  or vendor of your choice. 1 year is fine. You do not need to purchase any other options yet.

Set up your Gmail account-

Set up other Social Media accounts including:

  • Twitter @suzysingssillysongs

  • YouTube : Custom Channel suzysingssillysongs

  • Facebook Page: (Not a personal page)

  • Instagram:


All of these accounts will need custom art work with your logo, fonts, color palette etc. These can be created on Canva .com if you are not using a graphic designer. You can create custom dimensions for the canvas to create artwork that is the right scale for each Social Medai account. For example, search Google " twitter cover art dimensions"


Go to

Create a free account

Select a template for your website

Download Wix app for phone


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